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Mesa County is a Non Sanctuary County

There is a proper and legal way to immigrate into this great country. What we are witnessing in Denver are the natural consequences of ignoring that process and the law.

If Denver chooses to welcome illegal immigrants, they should be prepared to manage them within their city. As Bob Carter said, "Poor planning on Denver's part does not constitute an emergency for Mesa County." They created this situation, and they need to resolve it.

In Mesa County, we already face significant challenges. With 2,300 individuals homeless and 46,000 residents (one-third of our population) receiving some form of public assistance, our resources are stretched thin.

School District 51, the third lowest funded district in Colorado, must focus on educating our children, not additional burdens.

Moreover, individuals who enter the country illegally cannot secure employment, forcing them to rely on charity rather than achieving self-sufficiency. This vulnerability is inhumane.

While we empathize with those seeking a better life, Mesa County cannot bear additional burdens. Our priority must be the well-being of our residents, children, seniors, and taxpayers.

In this interview with Gabriel Gonzales on KKCO, Janet discusses the potential impact of the illegal immigration crisis on our local area.

Mesa County Commissioners make the case for establishing Mesa County as a non-sanctuary county.

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