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Jane Norton

Colorado Lt. Governor (former)

Janet Rowland shares my values as a compassionate conservative. She understands that protecting our children and youth requires community partnerships and she has a track record of bringing together public, private, non-profit and faith-based organizations to solve community problems such as protecting children and supporting senior citizens. 

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Marcia Neal

Colorado Board of Education (former)


I fully support Janet Rowland for County Commissioner.  Janet has proven knowledge and a strong work ethic, along with conservative values.  I look forward to seeing her once again in the Commissioner's chair.

Josh Penry

Colorado State Senator, (former)

Janet Rowland has a track record of fighting for the kind of government that Mesa County residents want.  She played a central role in driving statewide policy on the meth crisis and was an ever-present lioness for limited government on stages big and small.


Use of the bully pulpit brought occasional controversy to Janet's tenure. But so what? That's leadership. When you are taking flack, you are over the target, and Janet was never bashful about doing precisely that.

Yeulin Willett

Colorado State Representative, (former)


Janet Rowland is solid as can be and a proven leader. She is just what we need for Mesa County in the coming years.

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Craig Meis.jpg
Craig Meis

Mesa County Commissioner, (former)


Having had the opportunity to serve as a County Commissioner alongside Janet for 8 years, I can attest that she is a principled conservative. She also understands, better than anyone, the human services world and the many programs and formulas associated.  You will not find a stronger advocate for those considered “at risk” who helps in a manner that protects them and supports them in achieving self-sufficiency, rather than a lifetime of dependency on welfare programs.

Paul and Ann Béen

Integrity then, integrity now. In the 25 years we have known Janet
Rowland, she has demonstrated integrity. As a counselor in private practice, while working at the Deparment of Human Services, while serving as County Commissioner, and as Executive Director of CASA.   Her entire professional career has been serving others, and always with stellar integrity.  These are the qualities we want in local government!  We endorse Janet Rowland  for Mesa County Commissioner.

Paul and Ann.jpeg
Laura Carno

F.A.S.T.E.R. Colorado, Executive Director


Janet Rowland understands that when communities are faced with challenges, instead of raising taxes they should raise their expectations. She has been a defender of TABOR and has a track record of finding creative solutions to financial challenges.

Alex Chaffetz

Rock Chalk Media


We will all be served well by re-electing Janet Rowland as Mesa County Commissioner. Janet is a true conservative who has consistently proved to be a smart, thoughtful, hard working public servant.  I hope you’ll join me in voting for Janet Rowland.

Alex headshot.jpg
Chalane Coit


Janet Rowland is exactly the kind of person and leader we need to represent us in Mesa County.  I have known Janet for nearly 2 decades and her pursuit of what is best for our community is unrelenting.  She is a woman of honor and integrity with proven leadership acumen, dedication, honesty, compassion and intelligence.  Janet is a high-capacity leader whose experience is an asset to our community.   Janet cares deeply about the future of the Grand Valley and is consistently challenging us to ask the question, “How are the children?”.   It is an honor to endorse her for Mesa County Commissioner.

Bob Cook


Janet Rowland's experience in so many areas of our county including her tireless support for the needs of children and families, her experience as a County Commissioner and her outstanding character and love for people make her an excellent choice for Mesa County!

Bo Cook
Josh Cook


I am proud to endorse Janet Rowland for Mesa County Commissioner. Janet has a genuine heart for those in need. I have personally witnessed her work tirelessly for those less fortunate than her. She is compassionate, caring and compelled to action. But she is also a strong and a gifted leader. There is no doubt in my mind Mesa County will be a better place when she is elected. Thank you, Janet for your strong leadership in our community!

Josh cook.jpg
Jeff Crank

KVOR Talk Radio Show Host


Janet Rowland has an incredible record of public service.  As a former county commissioner in Mesa County, Janet was known for hard work, fiscal responsibility and common sense.  Every job she has ever done has been done with compassion for those whom she chose to serve.  Mesa County would be well-served to have Janet serve again as county commissioner.
Mackenzie Dodge


I believe in candidates who model our values, so I’ll be voting for Janet Rowland for Mesa County Commissioner.  Janet has invested a significant amount of her life into our community through her time as a former Public Information Officer, County Commissioner, Director of CASA and now in a National capacity as the National Director of Project 1.27. With this experience, Janet understands how local government works – and doesn’t. I believe Janet will be an effective advocate for Mesa County, who will hit the ground running on the FIRST day of her term. Please join me in voting for Janet Rowland.

Alan Farina


Janet Rowland is that rare candidate who has demonstrated the experience, expertise and talent to do the job for which she is running. More importantly, she has shown, time and again, that her heart is in the right place. She sincerely cares about the people of Mesa County and our kids. I wholeheartedly endorse Janet Rowland for Mesa County Commissioner.

Alan Farina.jpg
Mike Gimmell
President, Restore Our American Republic


Public officials who genuinely display honesty and integrity are very hard to find , at least in my experience. Janet Rowland is one of that rare breed. As such, I would encourage Mesa County voters to return her to office. She will serve the area with distinction as she has done previously. I very rarely endorse anyone publicly, but I am more than happy to do so with Janet Rowland. 

Mike Gemmell.jpg
Jamie Hamilton

Home Loan, Chairman and CEO


 I believe Janet's experience and values will keep Mesa County going in the right direction.

Jamie Hamilton Photo 3-2010 - 300dpi.jpg
John Hildebrand
Autopaychecks, Inc.

I have known Janet Rowland for years.  She is a woman of high integrity, intelligent and compassionate.  I believe that Janet will do a great job representing Western Colorado, our interests and needs.  You have my vote Janet!

Robbie Koos

NextHome Valley Properties


I fully endorse Janet Rowland for County Commissioner. She is a true leader who will make good, thoroughly thought out decision concerning our community and citizen. I want a leader who has and will be invested into the well-being of this community. Janet Rowland is that leader. 

Vicki McGee

Without a doubt Janet Rowland is the most qualified person to serve as County Commissioner.  Janet is 100% focused the good for Mesa County.  She has spent her life focused on what we need in Mesa County and she

has no problem doing what it takes to make it happen. Janet exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness and she will use those qualities to create a better balance between county government and the people who live in Mesa County. We need Janet as our voice; our County Commissioner.

Michael J. Norton

Colorado Freedom Institute, President


Janet Rowland’s commitment to accountability in government is well known and she can be counted on to ensure openness and transparency in county government. She has over two decades of experience in county government, including spearheading Outcomes Based Budgeting and streamlining the planning process for new businesses and homes. 

Gregg Palmer
Mayor of Grand Junction, former

Having served two terms on Grand Junctions City Council, and a term as Mayor, I had many occasions to work with the Mesa County Commissioners. I always found Janet open, engaged, and willing to listen. I know she will be the same great Commissioner this time around as well. Join me in supporting Janet Rowland for Mesa County Commissioner.

Gregg Palmer.jpg
Tom Sheldon

Choices matter. When choosing leadership, I vote in accordance with my values and fundamental beliefs. That’s why I’m supporting Janet Rowland for Mesa County Commissioner.  From the years I’ve known Janet I know she will stand for what is true, is not afraid of her faith and will follow conservative principles. The choices we make are more important today, more than ever before. Choices matter. 

Tom Sheldon.jpeg
Craig Springer

Home Loan,  President

The citizens of Mesa County are very fortunate to have someone with Janet's intelligence and skill being willing to serve again to make us better. 

Savannah Tompkins

Yogo Mojo’s- Frozen Yogurt, Owner

Mountain Grind Coffee Company, Owner

Sugar & Ice, Co., Owner

Janet Rowland has proven to be an excellent steward of resources. She has displayed attention to growth & development, public safety and fiscally-responsible management of tax dollars. Janet is a woman of intelligence, integrity and she has such a compassionate heart. She takes a thoughtful approach to prioritize, innovate and protect the interface, that makes our community so unique and inspires us all to love, work & play in Mesa County. I wholeheartedly endorse Janet Rowland for County Commissioner.

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