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I've dedicated my life to serving the people of Mesa County, and it would be an honor to continue this journey with your support. I understand the struggles of everyday life and I have a track record as a proven leader committed to putting people first.

Meet Janet

A Lifelong Dedication to Putting People First


Janet's journey into politics was less about politics and more about a calling to serve others. It was sparked by her early work at the Department of Human Services, where she witnessed the struggles of at-risk children and families.


Janet was elected as Mesa County Commissioner in 2004, and during her time in office, she remained dedicated to vulnerable populations, launching the How are the Children?® initiative and co-chairing the Meth Taskforce with District Attorney, Dan Rubinstein.

After leaving office in 2012, she served as the Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and later as National Director for Project 1.27, a non-profit that recruits, trains, and supports foster families through local churches, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the vulnerable.

Continuing the Journey:

Still passionate about serving Mesa County, Janet was again elected to serve as County Commissioner in 2020. She continues to focus on serving the most vulnerable through ongoing initiatives in mental health and public safety.

Janet's Priorities


Mental Health and Public Safety

Janet made improving the mental health system in Mesa County a top priority after numerous residents voiced their concerns about the inadequate availability of mental health services. So in partnership with dedicated local stakeholders and valued partners, Janet spearheaded a comprehensive community assessment of our mental health system in Mesa County.

This collaborative effort provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals and families struggling to access mental health issues in our area. This resulted in the  development of a robust work plan which serves as a roadmap toward a healthier, more supportive mental health system for our community. Much of the focus is where our mental health and the criminal justice systems intersect.

The progress made through this team effort is exciting. However, there is still much work to be done, and your support of Janet is invaluable in ensuring these initiatives continue to move forward for the betterment of Mesa County.

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Small Town Values

The heartbeat of Mesa County lies in our small towns and unincorporated areas. Nearly two-thirds of our population resides in these areas which is why small-town values are deeply rooted in the fabric of Mesa County.

Recognizing the profound significance of nurturing these vital parts of our county, Janet supported the allocation of Mesa County's entire American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds towards fortifying our smaller municipalities and unincorporated regions. Prioritizing projects such as the DeBeque water treatment plant, Collbran’s broadbrand project, Palisade’s health clinic and a childcare facility in Clifton.

Janet's vision extends beyond mere support.  She is committed to fostering connectivity and opportunity through the establishment of Community Centers that serve as gathering places for community building across every corner of Mesa County.

Making good on a pledge from four decades ago, that was brought to the attention of the county by former Commissioner Scott McInnis, the Mesa County Commissioners broke ground on Community Centers in DeBeque and Clifton in 2023. Both Community Centers will open in 2024 and two more community centers are planned for Whitewater and Mack/Loma.

Working with Financial Documents

Fiscal Responsibility

​Janet hasn’t lost sight of the fact that every dollar the county spends is a dollar that was first earned by you- the taxpayer.  She believes it is critical to tie the functions of county departments to outcomes. So in 2021 Mesa County began implementing a process to tie outcomes to our budget.


That same year, Mesa County made its budget more transparent and accessible to the public through OpenGov.  This new user-friendly site allows taxpayers to see all the details of the budget and drill down as much or as little as they want.

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